Monday, December 14, 2009

Freak warm December day = Outdoor Leg Workout

It had been unseasonable warm through November here in PA, then it turned cold. But we still had one last warm-ish day in December. We broke out the weight vests and took advantage of the cinder blocks and tires outside for an outdoor leg workout:

  • Lunges:

    • 20 x bodyweight

    • 20 x 20lb vest

    • 20 x vest+cinder block

    • 20 x vest+2 cinder blocks

  • Side lunges: 2 x 20 x vest

  • Tire Pushes: 2 rounds pushing 40 yds (or failure)

Our legs were pretty wobbly after the tire pushes. I don't know why I thought tire pushes as a finisher was a good idea. I had trouble walking for the next 20 minutes. Next time, I'll also keep in mind not to do this exercise after a rain. Slipping while pushing really sucks. You lose pushing power and the tire can come to a grinding halt. Then you have to expend extra effort to start the tire moving again.

I've been enjoying the outdoor workouts I've been doing from the summer and fall. Of course, it's getting quite a bit colder now, so we're moving indoors for our workouts soon. I'm already scheming on what fun exercises can be done inside.

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