Thursday, December 17, 2009

2009/12/16: Back on the rings, medicine ball core work

Hopped back on the rings yesterday afternoon after a few weeks off. It's been a little cold, so hanging the rings outside hasn't been happening. At some point, my Floridian senses take over and tell me that freezing temperatures and stiff winds are not good for an outdoor rings workout.

  • wide supports: 3 x 15s

  • iso hold false grip pull ups: 2 rounds

  • archer dips: 2 x 4-6 reps

We also attracted some unwanted attention in the gym for this workout. Hanging the rings seems to always bring people over. Sometimes you meet interesting folks who are curious, and sometimes you run into the people that don't like you doing things that they're not used to seeing. Today was the latter. Fortunately, we weren't being unruly and I can't be kicked out of the campus gym for merely working out. Whew! Saved by the campus ID.

After the main rings workout, we did some core work on the medicine balls. I planned on doing Swiss ball step offs, but we ended up playing around with different medicine ball variations. That ended up being more fun than the step offs.

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