Sunday, October 11, 2009

Random notes

  • Deadlifted 205 lbs again.  It's been a while since I went past 185 lbs since I've been working on my technique.  Technique felt pretty clean this time around, but my grip is still weak.  My grip failed long before everything else.
  • On that note, I watch other people do deadlifts in the gym.  I cringe at the sight of many rounded backs.  It must be good to be young and not feel any pain from poor lifting form.
  • You'd think that college athletes would all be fantastically fit and strong.  You'd be wrong in that thought.  I've never witnessed such terrible plank form than during a team strength training session.  I saw butts up in the air, holding on to benches, bracing against the wall, and apparent trouble holding even half-assed planks for a minute.
  • Eating well is important in our household.  So, we prepare a lot of our own food.  That in itself takes a lot of planning and food prep which I don't enjoy.  Add in the fact that I'm vegetarian and it adds even more planning and food prep.  Then I have to be a physically active vegetarian who needs to eat constantly, which makes for yet more planning and prep.  Finally, I have to prepare food for my wife who's still junior faculty and who is also vegetarian and physically active, doesn't eat dairy, and who wants low carb, low fat meals.  I spend entirely too much time doing food preparation.  I'm beginning to detest all the chopping and cooking.  Some days, I wish I could call the pizza place down the road and get something delivered.
  • Burpee pull ups... royally... suck.  Yet, I keep doing them.
  • Burpee squat jumps across a football field... also... really... suck.  And yet, I keep doing them.
  • If I'm ever mad or annoyed for some reason, a session of pounding the #$%$*(!@ out of a tire with a sledgehammer makes me feel a lot better.
  • Getting closer to holding a real handstand.  I'm close enough that I can actually see myself crossing out that goal sometime in the near future.
  • I've grown increasingly disenchanted with most gyms, especially blatantly commercial gyms.  Why the hell would you buy 8 foot, 100+ lb heavy bags and only allow weak women in a kickboxing class to punch them with bad striking mechanics?  "Kicking" the bags is strictly out of the question.
  • I'm still amused at the fact that the regular "fitness center" on campus only has dumbbells up to 50 lbs.  I don't often lift weights, but the fact that I can run the rack and clear a lot of the weight stacks means that Gen and I work out in different gyms.  The athletes gym may smell, but at least I don't get frustrated by being surrounded by inadequate equipment.
  • Finally, there's a policy at the campus gym about "sleeveless shirts."  You can't enter the gym with them because it's unsanitary; you might drip sweat.  Apparently, an extra few inches of cloth over your shoulders magically makes you stop dripping sweat.  My faith in common sense gets eroded more and more every year.