Monday, September 1, 2008

Back in action

It's been a rough few weeks with work, moving, and getting married all at the same time. But Genevieve and I have returned to a semi-normal workout schedule. I realize that my wife is now just as much of a gym rat as I am. I suppose that's good since we can partially combine our workouts and time together, which is nice considering that we both work long hours. My plan for the next three months is to get Gen doing a full unassisted pull up. [Bodyweight] Pull ups are one exercise where women are supposed to have near parity with men. A fit woman should be able to do something like 70% of the pull up reps as a man. If I can bang out 20 pulls fresh, that means Gen should be able to do at least a few.

I didn't make a lot of gains in August since I've been super busy. My martial arts training has definitely taken a hit since my work hours have increased. Fortunately, I haven't lost much strength or cardio conditioning. I can hold a support position on the rings with my hands turned out for nearly 40s now, my back lever is getting better, and my muscle ups feel pretty good. I just need to up my endurance with the muscle ups. I'm pretty worn out after 15-18 reps (over 3+ sets). I can hold a 1-leg dragon flag for 25s, but the full flag still sucks major donkey since I can only hold it for just over 7s. On the plus side, I have made gains on the tucked parallelette planche. I can finally hold it cleanly, if only for 5s.

My September log is now posted. Hopefully, I'll convince my boss that working 12 straight hours is not productive (it really isn't). Maybe I'll be able to grease the groove a little and get some more handstand and planche improvements in my breaks.