Saturday, January 5, 2008

Training Goals for the New Year

As I've already detailed in my main blog, my resolutions this year are to drop 1% body fat and work up to skipping 10 continuous minutes on the jump rope.

I have other fitness goals to shoot for this year. I may not achieve them this year, but that's ok because I'll have fun trying. So, in 2008, I hope to:
  1. Improve my grip strength. I don't have a plan for measuring or tracking this, but it's more or less a requirement for several other of my fitness goals.
  2. Progress towards a planche.
  3. Get a muscle up.
  4. Hold a front lever (>= 10s)
  5. Hold a dragon flag (>=20s)
  6. Hand stand.
Of those, I think the planche will probably be the hardest. I've already made a decent amount of progress last year towards goals 4-6. With better grip strength and improved grinding muscle strength from the front lever and dragon flags, I think the muscle up should come by the end of the year.

In terms of my martial arts (MA) training, it's an ongoing goal of keeping my I Liq Chuan (ILC, 意力拳) training consistent so I can improve. So my current MA training goals are to:
  1. Work through the 15 basic exercises more carefully. I need to start training and analyzing them more thoroughly in blocks of 3-5 rather than just trying to get through all of them.
  2. Gain a deeper understanding of the 21 form (二十一式). This involves my practicing the form more mindfully while keeping the 13 body requirements, 6 physical points, and 5 qualities in mind.
  3. Improve my butterfly palm (蝴蝶掌) form. I've got the rough choreography down, but now I need to work through the form the same way I'll be breaking down the 21 form.

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